Checked out…

by Leila Dayne

I try to be a super positive person…honestly…but these past couple days have kicked my butt. Trying to fight off whatever bug is going around and not being very successful at it has left me as the local Debbie Downer. There’s something about being sick that makes it difficult for me to stay upbeat and cheery. I don’t turn into a huge baby like some people…cough…men. But my patience is definitely shorter with things and my annoyance level a lot higher.

I’m trying all kinds of crazy methods to get better…seriously, Pinterest could be my new religion, holy crap you can find everything there!! And even trying to meditate and relax to get me feeling mentally better. Are there any no fail, “feel better”, pick-me-up go to ideas out there?  If so, I will gladly pay you in gum for them. Or maybe draw you a picture. Gotta stay tight with the funds as I’m declaring today a “health day” which means I will be residing mostly in my bed. Enjoying all the fun things on the innerwebz. Like cat videos…because honestly, who DOESN’T feel better after watching some cute cat videos?! Oh and of course videos like this!!

Sick but still awesome,