Double Standards…

by Leila Dayne

We all know about the double standards that women face…I see it all of the time and it drives me CRAZY!! Seriously WTF? How have we not moved past this? It’s always been something that’s nagged at me as a female. So when I stumbled on this video yesterday I couldn’t help but laugh. By taking all of the stereotypical double standards and flipping the scenario they are effectively pointing out how ridiculous it all really is.


What if women were the aggressors pursuing men? Would that be so bad? Also maybe the men watching this will see how crazy some of their behaviors truly come across to women.

After years of not just going out to bars, but working in nightlife I couldn’t help but relate to it. I experienced so many of these situations personally and witnessed it more times than I’d care to remember!! Plus the videos are super funny!!

The Flip Side (Bar)