Not so back Throw Back Thursday

by Leila Dayne

So I know it’s Thursday which is when I usually post up an old school song or video but I’m going to switch things up today. I’m preparing to head off on my first vacation in…well I don’t know how long and the predominant reason is to see a couple concerts of two of my favourite artists. The first being Skream who is touring out of the U.K. but more importantly I will be seeing Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on The Heist tour. Ecstatic doesn’t even begin to cover the emotions I’m experiencing!

It doesn’t seem like long ago (tho it has been a number of years) I was on a different vacation, visiting friends in Seattle, and we headed to some dive bar. I remember bouncing around and hearing this kid rapping over the beats in a corner. I was intrigued by the story telling aspect of his rhymes. It was beyond incredible. I remember vaguely hearing that his name was Ben Haggerty or something like that. It always stuck with me. Years later its 2012 and I’m digging around my favourite underground music sites for new music when I stumbled upon Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I instantly recognized the kid from so many years before. The story telling was the same but magnified to such an amazing level. I was hooked! I found everything I could by him and couldn’t wait until their U.S. tour finally began.

On July 18 I first heard the song Same Love, released to promote their upcoming album The Heist. It was the first hip hop song supporting gay marriage and the equal rights of all. I instantly knew things were about to explode. The video for the song was released on Ocotber 4th. Upon release The Heist reached the number 1 position on the US iTunes Albums chart within hours of release. The Heist debuted on the US Billboard 200 at number 2 of the week dated October 27, 2012, selling over 78,000 copies. The personal connection I feel to this artist is overshadowed by my love of him using his position to stand up for what he believes, even if it is not the “popular” thing to do. I still choke up every time I hear the song or see the video. I support any fellow person who is doing what they love while refusing to sacrifice what

Plus you’d have to be a robot not to love his video for “Thrift Shop”!! Because who wouldn’t want to be on this epic thrift store adventure??!!

Same Love

Thrift Shop

I’m obviously already insanely excited for this concert but watching the videos released from the beginning of the tour only gets me more excited!!

And anyone who can rock out NPR is okay in my book 😉