by Leila Dayne

I’m not sure where my obsession with lists came from, but I can’t say that I really mind it. There’s something soothing to me about a hand written list, of whatever it may be, that you can physically check off the tasks once you have completed them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and all the perks it has to make life easier, but it will never be as satisfying as a list that I’ve written out to motivate myself.

I had ample spare time and no spare wi-fi yesterday while returning home from my travels so I spent some time working on some lists. I had seen this idea before and decided I wanted to do it. It’s called 30 Days of Lists. How perfect for someone who’s looking to challenge themselves and loves lists!! I stumbled upon it on Pinterest and couldn’t wait to try it!! They also show how to make a cute, little smashbook which is like a miniature scrapbook to keep your lists in. There are 21 days until the end of the month so I figured, along with the holidays and preparing for that, that would give me plenty of time to get everything ready to start this project at the first of the new year. Plus that also gives me time to customize it if I would like to. :] You can Google or Pinterest “30 Days of Lists” and find all kind of idea’s to use and also customize to your own liking. Once mine is completed (and beauti-fied…yes, thats a word…maybe) I will get it up here.

This would also be a phenomenal project to do with kids to document what they have going on in their lives at the time!

Think, Do, Be, Create :]