Mind Over Matter

by Leila Dayne

I am the QUEEN of bargaining…with myself. HA! I’m on the elliptical now telling myself, “Once you finish this post and the next 3 hills THEN you can be done!”

For the most part, I enjoy working out but many times getting the motivation to do so isn’t easy. I own an elliptical and some DVD’s but other than that I have to find outside things to keep me in shape. I’m not a big fan of the gym, it’s a little slow paced and boring for me. (No hate, just a personal preference! Though HitchFit is pretty fun!!) So I have looked into a bunch of alternative workouts that I’ve come to really enjoy! And clearly, I’m not the only one because the classes/events are routinely PACKED!! It’s also been a great place to meet new amazing new people that you may not have crossed paths with in the course of your normal day!! :] And new friends are ALWAYS good in my book!!

Some of the classes I’ve tried recently that I truly enjoyed…

(I am a big fan of yoga, pilates and zumba classes but since those have become staples in many peoples workouts, I’l stick to the ones that most people haven’t heard of on a regular basis. Tho if you havent tried out Bikrim Yoga, or Hot Yoga, I HIGHLY recommend it!!)

-Aerial Strength – These are amazing!! I love ALL of their classes but aerial trapeze and silks are my favourite! This isn’t like the flying trapeze at the circus that you typically think of, it’s just the stationary bar. We have a phenomenal performing arts group where I live that teaches classes in aerial trapeze, lyra, aeriel silks/fabrics, contortion, and burlesque. All of the classes and instructors are phenomenal. If you have the option to try something like this in your area, I HIGHLY recommend it!!

Group Sports – I’ve mentioned before that I am TERRIBLE at sports, but I do still enjoy them plus it’s fun to get out and exercise and have fun with your friends!! I know there are all kinds of leagues out there to choose from as well. My friends and I have a kickball team and also a dodgeball team. The dodgeball is an absolute riot because we play at an indoor trampoline park which makes us all turn into children for the evening!! (I also recently just found out this place offers a trampoline aerobics class, so that’s next on my list of things to try!!)

And last but not least….

Pole Fitness – There are a ton of different opinions on this workout out there. Some people love it, some hate it. I was never really partial one way or the other and somehow ended up with a pass for a free class to try it out. Why not? I figured. I like to think I’m relatively in shape and fairly strong. I have a background in dance, gymnastics and cheerleading so I figured this class would be a breeze. BOY WAS I WRONG!! The amount of core and upper body strength this activity takes astounded me! When you see people, who are very good at this, it looks so simple and graceful and elegant! I can guarantee I looked NOTHING like that! But I loved it!! The classes were a mixture of all shapes, sizes and ages. Everybody was very encouraging to one another as the skill sets ranged from near expert to first day rookie….the latter one being me. This has become my go to favourite workout that I do as much as possible. I don’t do it for anyone else, but solely because it makes ME feel good!! And that’s what it should be all about!!