Getting in the Holiday spirit!!

by Leila Dayne

Holidays Schmolidays!! Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays, but they can be overwhelmingly stressful.  I will never claim to have it all together but I have found some great tips that help me not feel like I’m losing my mind when the holidays roll around!!

Meal Planning – Whether you are hosting the holiday festivities or just enjoying them you will most likely be cooking at least one thing, if not HUNDREDS!! (HA!!) My OCD kicks into hyper drive during the holidays. It’s two weeks out so I’m finalizing menu preparations and going through all of the ingredients to see where things may crossover and to see what I have on hand that can be used. Once that’s done, I get everything I can that’s non perishable. And prepare whatever I can, as early as I can. Reserving only what I have to until the last minute. By taking some time in the beginning to plan, I end up saving so much more time in the long run. Plus I get to relax and enjoy the time more with my family. Plus the easiest way to cut your holiday calorie intake is to think outside the box. Literally. Cut out as much boxed and processed food as possible. Plus it’s always fun to get the whole household (or neighbourhood, I had 12 six-ten year olds baking cookies in my kitchen this weekend!!) in the kitchen!!

Helpful, Printable Meal Planning Templates

Holiday Diets – I try to eat healthy and workout whenever possible, but the holidays are always rough. But honestly, it’s the holidays, it’s time to relax and a bit and enjoy being around those you love. One of the biggest mistakes people make, and I’m guilty at times as well, is to forego eating all day and have one big meal. Which has never worked out well for me. Instead I try to have a good breakfast with some protein and healthy carbs and then try and eat smaller ‘snacks’ every 4-5 hours. And I try and stay healthy. This helps keep from crashing my metabolism.

Here are some of my favourite recipes.

30 protein-packed small meals that are under 250 calories!!

Working Out – While I’m not a big fan of the gym anyways, it’s the last place I want to be during the holidays. I scoured sites like Pinterest and different fitness websites to find workouts that coule be done at home while also not taking up a ton of my time. This isn’t weight lose working out, just helping keep off those extra holiday pounds and keep me feeling energized! I found a bunch of different idea’s and just kind of threw together a little daily plan that I try and do twice a day. If I get busy and miss out…oh well. Haha!! I also have gotten in the habit of doing little workout things while doing my daily menial tasks. Walking lunges where ever I go in the house. Squats and calf raises while cooking dinner. Crunches and stretches while relaxing and watching tv. If you don’t have the time to be at the gym all the time like me, just find an exercise routine that you can work into your own schedule because doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Simple Daily Workout I found on Pinterest :]




Happy Holidays All!!