Christmas Cards

by Leila Dayne

I was sitting here today working on my Christmas cards to send out and I have to say that this years are definitely my favourite. I have a lot of friends of many different religions so I like to send out cards that are meaningful to me and don’t alienate any particular person or religion. I’m a big fan of art so I’ve always leaned towards cards inspired by that as opposed to anything else. (And I am very proud of myself and my son but I am not one of those people who does a holiday letter. We have the internet…and I have a blog…if people want to keep up on my adventures throughout the year they can do so.)

I was ridiculously excited to find cards this year inspired by one of my favourite street artists Banksy. They are beautiful on the front and blank on the inside allowing me to insert whatever I choose, which makes me happy because I have goofy friends that deserve better wit than Hallmark can provide!! So this post is my ode to Banksy, in honor of him making my Christmas a little brighter!!