Run the World

by Leila Dayne

If ever there was a time to start collecting evidence that women are taking over the world, it’s now!! We’re finally taking our rightful place in areas that we have historically been excluded from. The proverbial ‘Boys Clubs’, if you will. We are currently living in an era with the highest-ever total number of female leaders serving simultaneously. The number hits 21 with the recent election of South Korea’s first female president!! We’ve always known this was possible… statistically 64% of National Honor Society memberships are held by females, and for every 2 males that graduate from college there are 3 women that also graduate…and with a higher GPA!! How cool is that!!??

Female led start-ups (like this blog right here!!) are the fastest growing sector of new venture creation in the U.S.!!

We are strong, intelligent, and ready to RULE THE WORLD! 

I mean, Beyonce knows, so who am I to argue with her!! :]