30 Days of List

by Leila Dayne

I forgot to put up my list for my 30 Days of Lists project. I actually ended up coming up with about 75 things, so I’ll be doing my first list in January and then have another list to do another month. I’m super ready for January to be here because I can’t wait to start this project!!

1.) I’m a Lister Because

2.) Goals For This Month

3.) My Family and Friends Describe Me As

4.) When I Need A TIme Out

5.) Reasons to Start Stop

6.) Midnight Snacks

7.)Reasons To Quit

8.) Out My Front Door I See

9.) Today You Can Find Me

10.) I Am At My Best When

11.) Favourite Scents and Smells

12.) Fictional Places I’d Like To Live

13.) Dinner Party Invitee’s

14.) I Know I’m Young At Heart When

15.) I Know I’m Getting Older When

16.) Events I’d Like To Attend

17.) Things I’d Like To Learn

18.) Favourite Names

19.) Excuses

20.) Favourite Things About This Time Of Year

21.) Things That Motivate Me

22.) Things I Do To Procrastinate

23.) Confessions

24.) I Am Famous For

25.) Title Options For My Autobiography

26.) My Morning Routine

27.) If I Could Do It All Over Again

28.) My Favourite Meal

29.) Songs That Make Me Dance

30.) Letter To My Future Self