End of the Year

by Leila Dayne

As we get ready to close out the end of 2012, I am scrambling to finish all of the goals I set for myself this year. It has a been a whirlwind of a year in the very best way!!
People are always talking about New Years resolutions but I like to make a list of goals instead of one resolution because it makes it easier to stick to and complete.
I tend to make a list of twelve things I want to complete each year which gives me one thing to focus on each month. It makes them more realistic and easier to stick to.
My last goal to fulfill this year was to get my last two ear piercings. I’m not a big fan of pain so I put it off until the last minute. But I find comfort at my tattoo shop. It’s become a place where the employees are more like family than anything else. I feel that with anything of this nature, be it tattoos or piercings, developing a good relationship with the people you choose is very important. It puts me at ease and also ensures that not only will you get fantastic service but you will always end up with exactly what you want without any hidden surprises.
What are your New Year resolutions or goals? I’m beginning on mine right now.

All my love,