Super Saturdays

by Leila Dayne

Years ago my friend and I started a tradition called Super Saturday. It was the day our parents would take us to get new books and comics and occasionally rent a movie. We spent all day pouring over every last detail of the comic books, I would painstakingly drag out my books so that I could make them last longer. And then we’d stay up late eating popcorn and talking about them while watching our rented movie.

Nowadays Super Saturday is a tradition we have at our house once a month…sometimes more depending on how we feel. Personally it’s one of my favourite days! We spend the whole day lounging in our pajama’s, playing board and card games, reading comics and drawing/colouring/painting and watching our favourite movies and/or shows. Any meals made are usually quick and easy, if they’re not just delivered. :] My son and I talk a lot but having an entire day to just relax and hang out is really special to me. I know I will never look back and think, “Man, I wish I spent more time cleaning the house instead of enjoying all that great time with my kiddo!!”

For today’s entertainment (that we’ve planned so far, some stuff ends up being a spur-of-the-moment ‘oh hey, look whats on Netflix’ finds!) we have:


Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs : This is one of our go-to favs!! It’s great for the whole family!!


Up next are some episodes of The Big Bang Theory. I’ve found that this is a show you either love or hate. Being a bookworm and self-professed geek myself I love the wit and humor of this. Most of the adult jokes go over the kiddo’s head but I like that it demonstrates that being educated and intelligent are a positive thing.

And there would be no Super Sunday without one of my favourite people in the entire world, Mister Stanley Martin Lieber. Better known as Stan Lee. The comic book GENIUS I’ve always admired. And today just so happens to be his 90th birthday as well!! So we may just try to bake up some of these delicious little cupcakes!! (I’m sure they won’t turn out as pretty, but as long as they taste good and we have fun that’s all that matter!!!)


Hope everyone is having a very Super Saturday!!

All my love,