A Year of New

by Leila Dayne

Happy New Year!!

I enjoy this day every year because it always seems to break upon us with such hope and promise. To me it’s like waking up as a child to a beautiful, crisp, white snow covered morning knowing that school is cancelled and you have a whole day ahead to fill with fun!!

I’ve stated previously that I’m not a big believer in resolutions in the sense of just having one main idea, but more along the lines of having a list of goals to focus on and attempt to complete throughout the year. I try to vary them to different degrees of difficulties knowing that if I make all of them too hard I will never stick to them. Because honestly, sometimes I am a quiter. Haha. I’m still finishing up my list for 2013 but I’m very happy with how it is coming along so far. I want to add more so I can have smaller goals to focus on each month, while trying to stick to the general ones that I can work on a little each day as well.

My 2013 To-Do List…so far…

  • Cliff dive off a waterfall
  • Try more foods that I think I don’t like but have actually never tried. (Unless it’s mashed peas, liver and onions, or gizzards…because those will never happen!!)
  • Develop a good routine for juicing and STICK TO IT!!
  • Sky Dive
  • See as many concerts as possible (All sizes)
  • Find and ATTEND more fitness classes/courses that I enjoy.
  • Write everyday. No matter what it is. For the blog, in a journal, a love letter, etc.
  • Stop immediately Googling everything. (I’ve gotten lazy, so I need to make myself attempt to figure out the answer on my own before I use Google as a cop out.)
  • Write more personal letters and send them. (Less email and text messaging)
  • Cut people who I don’t really like and add in more people who I truly do. Even if it’s just one. And not on Facebook…on Earth…in life.
  • Volunteer more. It helps others and instantly makes you feel better.


Hope everyone had a blast bringing in the New Year!! I am truly excited for all of the adventures to come in this upcoming year!!