Hangout – Meet My Friends – Volume 2

by Leila Dayne

OHHH MYYYY!! Am I exhausted!! What a fun and amazing weekend tho!! I’m finally back home attempting to get my body back to feeling normal again. :]

I had a friend send over a funny little write up about her New Years and wanted to share it with you all. Hope you enjoy!!



Hello LD followers!! I was thinking about starting off the year right, “Traditions”, and what they mean to me. I wanted to share my tale of New Years Eve with you.

As I was standing in my black opaque-stocking feet and black dress (no shoes were allowed in this high-rent NYC condo party we managed to sneak into) on New Year’s Eve, looking around at who I could possibly kiss at midnight, I thought- I better find a guy quickly, or I will be the “left out” and be a loser.

Sixty seconds left…I looked past the 20-something poseur, with the unique handle-bar mustache (56 seconds) onto the guy who was jumping on the leather couch in rolled up Euro jeans double-fisting Stella beers (39 seconds) then immediately past the 2 frat guys with popped collars (I can’t make this crap up) who were actually chanting their Frat cheer (22 seconds) Oh crap! Who?

I then looked over to my 4 kick-ass girlfriends who were all laughing and counting out loud together. My best buddy in the group reached her hand out to me to re-join this group – I slide over to them and we all linked arms. 10, 9, 8… Screw tradition – we rang in the New Year together. The only 5 (seemingly) single girls there at the party- having FUN and LAUGHING. Maybe we didn’t get our “kiss” like we should have, but the bonds we make and keep with our “core” friends – guys or girls- are better than any possible tongue kiss from some random dude. Just a thought.

Happy New Year!!