Nerd Alert

by Leila Dayne

I…love…comic books!! There, I said it. :] hahaha!! I never had a very impressive collection nor followed them as closely as others but I’v always loved them. It was the beauty of a picture book blended with a story book that was neither disappointing nor overwhelming. The perfect balance.

As a parent, I look for any way to get my tiny human excited about reading. He’s at the point where he can read, but still struggles every now and again. The biggest hurdle seems to be finding books that hold his interest. The chapter books are a tad bit too advanced yet the picture books are too childish. Enter the wonderful world of comics!! :]

A friend sent me a link from a picture that showed the characters of the Justice League, but as young children. It was so adorable I couldn’t wait to check it out, and I was not disappointed. I bookmarked the page on my iPad to show my son when he got home from school. He loved it!! With already being a fan of super heroes, seeing them as someone close to him in age was mesmerizing. It became part of our nightly routine, that once he hoped into bed we would snuggle up and he’d read 10-20 pages to me. They held his interest even more than video games, which is impressive to say the least!!

Since then we’ve found a number of other comics online that we follow and read together. Enjoying them in all of our nerd glory 😉

One of the smartest things I’ve ever done was introducing my son to comics, and I’ve passed this tip along to other parents I know who were struggling with  keeping their kiddos interested in reading. All of us have had great results! So whether you are a parent looking for something to help keep you little one interested in reading, a comic fan or just looking to waste some time on the internet then hopefully this post will help you out. :]

Little Justice League – This is our favourite one right now. The link is set to take you to the first page so you can start it from the beginning. The site is easy to navigate as well.

DC Digital Comics – Another great one where you can find tons of comics. Some are free, some you have to purchase but they are all great and once purchased can be accessed from multiple different devices.

Marvel Digital Comics – Same as the DC site, but with Marvel characters.

Comixology – Super great site with TONS of different comics.

The Digital Comic Museum – A fantastic archive of older comics.



All My Love,