Girl Crush

by Leila Dayne

So, along with everyone else in the world it seems, I am mayyyjorly girl crushing on Jennifer Lawrence. And honestly, I’ve never even seen her in a movie. (Well, if I have I don’t remember it.) I’m just in love with her goofy personality. I feel like she’s beautiful and talented and gaining so much exposure she could rightfully be a little bitch ALL the time…I mean, for real, she has far more talent than Kim K. and she’s always whining and bitching. But I digress.

It’s just really nice to see someone who’s young and fun and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. (I feel like her and I would be friends.) I just hope she keeps it up and has taken notes from all the crazies before and doesn’t go all Lohan on us. Luckily I’ve seen some pics of her with Mila Kunis (who I adore and will always be my main girl crush!) and she has her shit together so hopefully she can guide her on the right path.






So…now you know!!

All My Love…to Jennifer Lawrence,