New Job

by Leila Dayne

After our morning food outing the Tiny Human and I had to pop off at Target to get a couple of things.

No trip to the store would be complete without the mandatory 30-45 minutes we have to spend in the toy section carefully inspecting every new toy, the box, what all comes inside, prices…etc…I’m basically raising a stocks analyst over here I think. Luckily he never begs for toys, he’s artfully trained to exclaim, “OHH!! I’ve always wanted THIS one!! *while holding it two inches from my glazed over eyeballs* I better put it on my (insert closest holiday..birthday, christmas, Labor day…) wish list!!” Smart little cookie.

As I sat there spacing out…technically this time I was standing but it is not uncommon for me to just sit down in the aisle and play games on my phone while waiting…I couldn’t help but look at all of the Lego displays.


I decided that if this whole “writing words and shit” doesn’t pan out as a career then my fall back will definitely be Lego Display Builder. Because seriously, how cool would that job be?!!?? Plus I figure all of the time I’ve put into putting sets together and all of the scars I have on the bottoms of my feet from stepping on Legos qualifies me for something!!!

What would be your fall back dream job?! My second fall back would be professional napper.


All My Love,