by Leila Dayne

I was talking to a friend the other night, catching up after almost 8 months of both being so busy we’d only found the time for a few quick “Miss you! Hope all is well!” texts back and forth. I love catching up with this friend because we’ve known each other and been friends for so long that it is easy for us to be open and honest with one another.

We were talking about all the changes going on in our lives and just the day-to-day monotony that we go through. I was telling him about everything going on in my life and how much everything has changed lately. How, even tho every little piece of the puzzle isn’t exactly in place nor do I even know where those pieces are or where to put them once found, I’m happier than I’ve ever been solely because I’ve resolved to be more completely present in life and to experience it for all it is worth.

My main motto is, “Simple question, Does it make you happy?”. Under the guidelines that you are not harming yourself or anyone else, I feel that this can be the simplest and most effective question in your life. If it makes you happy then do it, if not then don’t and find something that makes you happy. We get so caught up in the “gray areas” of life that we hardly enjoy it anymore.

Enjoy that rainy day because without it we wouldn’t be able to enjoy and appreciate those gorgeous sunny days.

It’s okay to be happy and to strive for ‘better’. We should not feel ashamed or burdened by it. We should feel alive and empowered that we have the opportunity to do so, because many people are not so fortunate.

So go…enjoy the sunny day…or the rainy day…and be better…shamelessly…


All My Love,