Be Good Looking…Kind Of…

by Leila Dayne

I’ve been a little behind on the posts today…minus some video’s…due to the mind numbingly long process it takes me to get ready for formal events. I have a black tie event this evening which means I have to devote about 6 hours minimum to getting ready, because I am lazy. Instead of just doing it in the two hours right before I drag the process out all day. So I can include snack breaks and tv time throughout. Also, I hate doing my make up so I outsource it to a girlfriend who works for Dior. And then we always end up going for coffee and bagels…so add that time in too I suppose. I’m an artist…it’s a part of my “process”!! (That’s still a ‘thing’, right?!?)

Anyways, I’m not really even sure how I weaseled my way into this event but you can best bet I’ll most likely be live tweeting all the happenings because I have a feeling I won’t really know anyone there.

Anytime I have to get ready, ready…like more evolved than my every day routine, it reminds me of this video. It’s NSFW because of some cursing, so don’t go blasting this on your work computer unless you have a kick ass boss like me. (Because remember  I’m my own boss!! See what I did there?!?)

All My Love,