by Leila Dayne

Please forgive me…as this pounding headache from consuming too much cheap vodka is rendering me fucking useless today. I’m squinting at my screen like that creepy chick from The Ring might come out if I look at it in a certain way. But anyways, other than this residual pain, the event last night was fantastic. It was WONDERFUL to meet so many young, driven and ambitious people. It was also a very cool surprise to see my friends Performance Art group providing the entertainment and an old nightlife friend providing the music.

It’s an event very different from what I tend to do. I’m the one in sweats who sits behind the  keyboard, but I did really enjoy going and look forward to more events like this one.

I was so wrapped up in talking to and meeting people that I hardly remembered to take any pictures but I did get one great panorama one, so I was very happy with that.

photo (2)

My friends group Quixotic Fusion provided the entertainment. This group is exceptional. The way they combine everything, is just a visual feast. I felt proud to announce to my friends how much I love this group and how I’m so very proud of them. Even taking part of my group backstage to meet the creator and producer. This is a video of the performance they presented at TED last summer.

The music was provided by Sheppa. A favourite local DJ who has been voted “Best Dance DJ” in Kansas City by the Pitch Music Awards for the last six years running. He’s a great guy who can seamlessly blend all kinds of music.

Overall, it was truly just a wonderful night. I actually look forward to attending more events like this. Minus this hangover headache. Okay, time to go get some grub.

All My Love,