Super Flu…Super Ewwwww

by Leila Dayne

Well, I had hoped to avoid this super flu shit that’s going around but it looks like Tiny Human and I couldn’t avoid it. We’re both laid up in bed, trying to recover as quickly as possible.

The one thing I will say is nice is that I remember being younger and being sick was THE WORST!! You had to lay in bed all day watching crappy tv and movies and you couldn’t get out and play. Now with the advent of the ever entertaining internet, WiFi, iPads, video games, NetFlix, etc. it’s not nearly as bad having to be laid up in bed all day!! I’m almost excited to sit around and eat soup in my pajamas and catching up on my internetting :]

David Thorne cracks me up!! I use my sick days to catch up on his shenanigans! Below is one of my favs!!


Stay healthy!!

All My Love,