Throw Back Thursday – #tbt

by Leila Dayne

Today I have a handful of Throw Back Thursday vids…because I’m too indecisive to pick one song :] My blog, my rules!!

Taking it back, let’s head to 2003 where it was actually a “thing” to wear a baby blue velour sweatsuit that matched your baby blue Benz.

Back when videos where mini movies, JaRule was relevant and everyone yelled, “Its Muurrddaaaaaa!!”

The era of nearly every other song attempting to start a new dance trend…(sadly this concept hasn’t really faded out yet.)

A time of epic duos that would spark the rumors of love connections that wouldn’t be confirmed for years.

Remembering that even Bey went through a weird, “Yeah, that seems like a great wardrobe choice!!” phase. (There were a TON of video’s I had to pick from for this one, but this one stood out because Slim Thug surrounded in all pink just cracks me up!!)

And rockin the strangest combo of throw back jerseys and 59/50 hats. (This one gets a pass bc it’s a Jayhawk hat!!) What ever happened to Lil Flip anyways?

Only one more day until the weekend!! Happy Thursday!!

All My Love,