Dirty Little Secrets…

by Leila Dayne

I have a confession to make. I…am…a…tv junkie. THERE, I SAID IT!! It’s true. I hide it as best I can, but sometimes I just cannot hide it any longer. Thank gaw for technology tho because with a busy schedule I would never be able to feed my television addiction without DVR, On Demand, and network apps. It’s like they know me so well!! So I dvr most things, and two nights a week while I’m staying up working, I binge out on shows and play catch up. It’s crazy…but at least I can admit it. That’s the first step right?! Oh well…

My love of tv is what initially drew me to TVGasm and my bestie-who-didn’t-know-he-was-my-bestie, Ronnie. Remember? I professed my love? Then he tweeted me? Then I pseudo stalked him until we become friends?! 😉 Yeah, that’s right. Well, I let him in on my dirty little secret and we’ve decided to partner together on some projects. I’ll be featuring some write ups from TVGasm here on LD, (because they’re HILARIOUS!! plus there is no reason for me to do ANOTHER write-up if there’s already a fantastic one out there!!) and I’ll be doing some write ups to send over his way. Seriously, I cannot explain how much I love technology!! I get to watch my shows AND become friends with my long-lost unknown best friends!!! YEAH!! So I hope you enjoy everything as much as I do…and if not…well…whatever. 😉

Hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am!!

All My Love,