Soup in a Bowl

by Leila Dayne

Yeah…today’s the Super Bowl…blah blah blah…clearly I can’t even manage to gather up even the littlest bit of enthusiasm for this game. Don’t get me wrong, I love sports, but I’m much more a fan of Sports Center and the internet where I can get all of my updates quickly, watch the highlights and be done and move on. I mean, the commercials are the best part anyways. I have shit to do!! I can’t waste hours sitting around watching a game I don’t care about!!

Ain’t nobody got time for that!! I have work to do…and YouTube videos to watch!!

The only part I ever liked was getting together with friends to enjoy the company and good food. This year tho, with none of us really rooting for one team or the other, there was no desire to really spend the time or money organizing a half assed get together.

So instead today, while everyone is preoccupied with the game, I’ve decided to use the time wisely and catch up on my grocery shopping and errands. Which may sound SUPER boring but since I generally try to do these things late Tuesday nights or midday during the week so as to avoid the general crowds, I’m actually stupid excited to get everything done and still have a free day to get everything done.

So if you’re watching the game, hopefully your team will win!!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday loves!!

All My Love,