I swear..

by Leila Dayne

…this will be my last post about The Harlem Shake videos on YouTube!! (*Fingers crossed behind my back!*)

I was super excited while perusing my friends site earlier today and seeing that they had made a list of the top 10 Harlem Shake videos!! Of course I couldn’t NOT post a link to it!!!

Do Androids Dance – Top 10 Best “Harlem Shake” Videos

Speaking of cool videos, it should be very obvious that I’ve hit a creative standstill. Writer’s block if you will. There has been a great deal going on lately but I either can’t write about it…due to legal restrictions…or I just can’t seem to find the words to build the blog. It’s truly sad, which is why I turn to YouTube a lot for a laugh and some inspiration. Hoping to maybe spark those creative juices back up in myself.

Until then, Enjoy!!

All My Love,