Fried Chicken

by Leila Dayne

Sunday Roundup:

I’m very excited for today…I get to see an old friend that I haven’t seen in awhile, other than in passing. We’ve both been extremely busy so it will be very exciting to see her. PLUS we’ll be having fun as I teach her the choreography I’ve done for her wedding. 😉 We both share a deep love for flash mobs…so what better way to express that than with our own one at her wedding!! I’m honoured to get to be a part of it!! I’ll keep you updated on how it goes. The goal for the day is to teach her the choreography and get it recorded and uploaded for everyone else (wherever they may be) to view and get involved as well.

Last night: some friends and I went out to grab some cocktails and some grub. Normally there’s nothing that special about it…but OMG…I had the best fried chicken I’ve ever had last night. And this isn’t like “fast food” fried chicken…this was gourmet!! And it was amazing!! Paired with some delicious mashed cauliflower…to die for!! Also my girl was serving up custom created cocktails…and I kid you not, if you have never had a drink prepared for you by a mixologist YOU ARE MISSING OUT!! The way they mix things to make you experience a range of tastes and flavors is nothing short of magical. So if you take anything away from this blog today it’s this…search out divine fried chicken and befriend a talented mixologist. You can thank me later 😉

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All My Love,