And the award for…

by Leila Dayne

Parent of the Year slips through my grasps again. UGH. Seriously, I’m sitting here banging my head on the wall about how badly I’ve screwed up this week. Granted, it’s nothing too major…and nothing the Tiny Human will even remember in a few years but it still feels shitty.


While business is going great and booming, the schedule gets busier and busier and normally that’s never affected me before. Until this week it seems…and it’s only tuesday…smh…


(This is not my calendar…but it’s pretty damn close!!)

This weekend we managed to miss his good friends bday party because even tho I RSVP’d I forgot to write it on the calendar hence forgetting it in all the weekend activities. And today I managed to not only miss the Valentines Day party for his class, but forgot to send his valentines because I didn’t realize the party was today. Ohhh of course I read the 4 emails send out and I was right on the time, I just had the day mixed up. Because any NORMAL human would think, given the circumstances that the kids are out of school this thursday and friday for conferences, that the party would naturally be on the last day of school for the week which is also the day right BEFORE Valentines day…but now for some reason it was decided that they would hold it today. Also I should point out that this was only their class. The rest of the grade and the school will be doing their parties tomorrow. So not that it excuses my missing it, but jeez could they make it any more complicated?!?

It’s only Tuesday, so hopefully the week will get better. We have a great plans for Thursday and Friday and his birthday is on Sunday. Pending I don’t manage to forget everything.



Maybe if my desk didn’t look like this…empty notebook and all, I’d be better organized. Actually, this isn’t my desk. It’s a Google Image because my desk is so much like this but MESSIER I am too embarrassed to take an actual picture of it!! So tonights project is to get it organized!! Wish me luck friends!! I’m gonna need it!!

Happy Fat Tuesday!!

All My Love,