by Leila Dayne

A fabulous friend of mine gave me a book the other day that I have been working through. (I am a total book nerd and I own it!!) I’ve seen other books in the same category from time to time but hadn’t gotten around to reading them. She’s been doing a lot of research into the options around home schooling for her son and this was a book recommended for her. (On a quick side note she’s also agreed to do some guest posts on here about her journey into this research and everything so I’m REALLY looking forward to that!!) She passed the book along for me to check out and I’m so glad she did. I’m always exploring all different avenues for learning so I’m always excited about any new information I can get. The book is “The Way They Learn” by Cynthia Tobias.


I’m only about halfway through but I’ve already learned so much. It taught me about my personal learning style which now that I have figured out, I can actually apply to my daily life. I’ve always had certain traits that have helped me along my journey through life but also have some that have hindered me as well. From reading thus far, I’ve been able to identify some of these traits and how they can be perceived by others and also how to work through them that will lead to better results than I’ve been seeing. I can’t wait to use them in practical applications. Hopefully the rest of the book will be just as insightful. By identifying my learning style and also my child’s I will also be better equipped in helping him learn more and also more effectively. :]

Okay, on to my next random topic…another video…and nooo…it’s not another Harlem Shake video (tho there are 2 AWESOME KU ones I would like to put up, but I promised no more!!)

Dillon Francis and 12th Planet are two people on my RIDICULOUSLY long list of favourite musicians, and I truly had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard yesterday when this video hit my inbox. (The perks of having lots of music friends is that unlike in the past when I had to spend hours scouring the innerwebz for cool new stuff it now just magically appears in my inbox…feeding my music addiction. Smooches music friends!!) Dillon Francis put together a special section on his webpage called “Dillon’s ‘Awesome Shit’ Drive” in which you he’s listed a plethora of things you can buy and the proceeds go to TPL.org. The stuff is hilarious on it’s own but it’s even cooler that he’s giving back. (PS – I would love DF to make me some chocolate chip cookies…it’s only $100!! C’mon, you love me that much right?!? Or if you just want to see the…ahem…interesting range of iteams listed you can check it out here!) Anyways, the also hilarious @Rukes and @Zedd made a nice little purchase that sent $10k over to TPL and gave us this amazing little gem of a video!! (Note – tho it was only listed at $1000 the guys added and extra zero to their donation…bc they’re just that great.)

Happy Tuesday!!

All My Love,