Snowpocolypse 2013

by Leila Dayne

During our temporary relocation to the midwest, this has been our first “real” snowstorm of the year…and fortunatly we’re loving it!! Minus yesterday when I wrote a bunch of awesome blog posts and couldn’t get them posted because my Wi-Fi was out and subsequently ended up losing them. Blarg. Oh well…I don’t mind doing some fresh write ups.

Since I already work from home, it hasn’t a big deal for me. (Tho most people I know were lucky enough to get out of work as well.) The Tiny Human had school cancelled yesterday and today, which was most definitely for the best because many of the roads in the suburban area where we live didn’t see a single plow truck yesterday. (They wanted them to focus on the main roads and get them taken care of before risking getting stuck.) So we got to enjoy a lovely day of homemade pancakes, lots of cartoons and movies, steamy hot chocolate, hours of sledding and some hand made snow ice cream. Because to me, that’s what snow days are about. Fun on top of fun, layered with fun and then stacked with more fun!!

Today we’re on day 2 and Tiny Human has been generous enough to allow me to get some laundry done and sit down to catch up on some work and emails since the Wi-Fi has decided it will not be taking a snow day again today, thankfully. So after finally responding to the mandatory emails and all that fun “business” stuff, I figured it was time to do what every one else who is battling Snowpocolypse 2013 is doing…finding funny things on the innerwebs and sharing them on Facebook!! HOORAY!!

I’ve made no attempts to hide how much I loved the whole Harlem Shake epidemic, I mean how could I not love something supporting a good friend of mine?!? BUT even I can admit that the trend has run it’s course…so what’s the new craze?! Truly, I don’t know. But I did stumble upon this video yesterday and it had me in tears I was laughing so hard!! Gallon Smashing may be the messiest new trend.

Secret Confession : I love Miley Cyrus. I really do!! And I have for…well…like almost ever. I liked Hannah Montana. Not so much because it was a “great television show” but because you could tell she worked hard on it and was actually pretty talented. She hasn’t really fallen of the wagon like so many other child stars have. (*cough cough* I’m looking at you Lindsey Lohan…and btw…whats your excuse?!? You worked like half as much as most of these other kid stars and somehow derailed harder. Granted your family is like super nutso so that prolly hasn’t helped out much! shit…what were we talking about again?! oh yeah, Miley!) I like the Biebs too. Not in a crazy, obsessive fan way…but in that I respect the hard work and time they’ve put into crafting their talents and pursuing their dreams. My very straight laced, ” think inside the box”, colour inside the lines mother (who I love very dearly!!) is very vocal about the fact that she finds these two awful and thinks they’re terrible role models, and very bratty with too much power and yada yada yada etc. And I can try and see her point, but I can also see it for the fact of they basically had to sacrifice a normal childhood and growing experience to follow their dreams. They are only human…and still growing ones at that. They don’t have the luxury of slipping up and just having to learn from it or take a week or so of being grounded. Their every move is broadcast to the entire world, so of course it’s going to affect you. Because of how different their lives are and how different their “normal” is unless you have experienced it, I don’t think we’l ever truly understand 100%. So I’d rather just follow their successes and continue hoping the best for them. (Plus I love that Miley’s growing into her own and making more of her own decisions as far as her look and sound goes. Get it girl!!)

I love this song that she did with Borgore. Asaf (Borgore) will always hold a special place in my world…I got to enjoy getting to know him through working with him on a couple of his first national tours. (It was INSANE!! But those are stories for a different day!) When this song was released it was not announced who the female vocalist was. Tho there were a few of us who knew, it was mostly kept a secret. This was when Miley was first experimenting with new sounds and the thought was it would be fun to circulate the song and generate a buzz…then surprise everyone with the music video showing who the actual female vocalist was. And I truly think most of the fans were surprised because 1.) it was no one they had expected and 2.) this was a Miley none of them knew anything about. Anyway, enjoy. It’s NSFW, mostly because of lyrical content but who wouldn’t want to have a cake fight!!

And last but not least…quite possibly one of the best commercials I’ve ever seen. I truly do not like the scent of Old Spice but I will give them mad props for having some very fun and unique commercials. Plus Terry Crews is HILARIOUS!!!!

I could add much more…and maybe I will later. But for now, it’s time to go enjoy all this snow!!!

All My Love,