Saturday shmaturday…

by Leila Dayne

Today I’m lazy…and cold…and frustrated. I feel like I have so much that I want to write, but it’s trapped in this inaccessible part of my brain I can’t seem to reach. How annoying is that? All these quality little gems that I just can’t seem to grasp…it’s like when you drop something between your car seat and the center console of your car and you just can’t get your hands to fit down there. But then you remember you can just look under the seat and find it…so hopefully soon I’ll find a way around my writers block.

But luckily my awesome boyfriend Ronnie over at TVGasm has some new BS of the Day. (I could make my own BS of the day videos…but they would just go on for hooooours! So I’ll just stick with posting Ronnie’s!! HA!!)

Stay warm friends!!

All My Love,