Sunday Sweets

by Leila Dayne

I love PES. No…not the little candy bricks that awkwardly pop out of some cartoon characters head (or other body part!) Theo they’re not terrible the PES I am talking about is the creator of many fantastic short animated/stop motion films. I’ve followed his progress for years and was ecstatic when I say some Bacardi ad’s featuring his signature style. With it being Oscar sunday, it was also the perfect day to pop online and reminisce over some of my fav vids of his because he is nominated this year for an Oscar…it’s the shortest film ever nominated. If nothing else, they’re a little bright spot to cheer me up whenever I watch them :]

The Oscar nominated “Fresh Guacamole” (With the Oscars being tonight the video was removed from YouTube until after the awards. But the vimeo vid is embedded in this article)

Game Over

Human Skateboard


Western Spaghetti

Enjoy your Sunday :]

All My Love,