Unbearable Weight

by Leila Dayne

Have you ever felt so incredibly weighed down…by emotion, the world, the heaviness of uncertainty?

It is one of my least favourite feeling…but one I seem constantly plagued with.

Like Atlas, punished to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.


I wish I had a cure-all for this predicament, but sadly, I do not.

I tend to just cut myself off emotionally, throw myself into work and burden myself with such an over abundance of projects that I have no time to spend on worrying.

So that’s the goal for this dreary Monday, on top of prepping for Round 2 of the Snowpocolypse.

I’ve also promised myself that I will stop procrastinating and finally put in some real work on my book, as I feel I have been neglecting it.

So hopefully if we do get hit with Round 2, this time I will be better prepared for the impending cabin fever.

All My Love,