When I get sad…I like to laugh…

by Leila Dayne

Whenever I get down…after stomping around and throwing a fit for awhile…just kidding…kind of, I like to pop on YouTube and watch some comedians :] I have my no fail fallbacks that I can always rely on to put a smile on my face.

Chris D’Elia and Whitney Cummings have always been two of my favourites. So of course, I love the show Whitney, with both of them. But since I can only watch the show episodes so many times I have to turn to the power of the internet to bring me laughs whenever I would like them. :] I love Chris D’Elia because he has fun with it…even stumbling over some jokes at times because he himself can’t stop laughing. And Whitney’s signature of comedic cynicism hit so close to home with my guarded personality type that I can’t help but love it. (Plus they both have mouths like sailors like me, so OF COURSE I love it!)

All My Love,