Hangout and Meet My Friends – CC’s Journey

by Leila Dayne

I’m ridiculously excited for this guest blog. It comes from a close friend of mine, Colette Crosby (or CC as I call her). She’s a remarkable person that I’m so thankful to have in my life. She’s such an inspiring friend, a phenomenal mother and just an all around fantastic person. Her and I have spent mannnnny hours discussing a plethora of different topics. One that is very dear to both of us, as single parents, are about education and parenting. CC is the one who really helped broaden my horizons and enlighten me on subjects such as homeschooling and learning styles. She’s a total book nerd like me and we love sharing and recommending books for each other. She is the one who leant me the book on Learning Styles that I previously wrote about. I’m ecstatic for her to be a part of my blogging journey and sharing her real life experiences with us. She will also be checking in regularly to keep me updated on the progress of her journey. :] Enjoy!!

All My Love, LD


CC’s Journey

There have been several significant moments in my life–whether it involved the person I was dating, my place of employment, my living environment, or area of study–where I came to the conclusion, “This just isn’t working.” At first the notion begins as a soft, inner whisper of discomfort. But the longer I listen to and sit with this sensation, the louder, stronger, and clearer this feeling becomes until I am able to articulate exactly why I am troubled. Once I have reached this inner truth, I find myself searching for options which actually DO work.

My current and longest endured, “ailment,” has been the Public Education System’s negative effect on my son and myself as a parent. As though infected with a debilitating illness, I witnessed a steady deterioration of CJ’s vigor and inner sparkle ever since his enrollment in Kindergarten four years ago. After many exhausted attempts to make this learning environment work, my frustration led me on a search of a better fit.

I spent months extensively exploring different avenues, and ultimately Homeschooling felt like the most promising path for us. Deciding that Public School had damaged CJ’s spirit enough already, I informed the principal that February first would be my son’s last day of attendance, as he would be Homeschooled indefinitely.

In the mere three weeks that have passed since our leap into this new life style, I am already beginning to see positive changes in both CJ and myself. It’s as if we’ve sighed a deep, “Ahhhhhh,'” after kicking off a pair of tight, uncomfortable shoes following a long day’s work. And while at times I’ve experienced moments of uncertainty in our new-found freedom, I remind myself that throughout all the changes I’ve made in my life, my instincts have never led me in the wrong direction. I am letting go and learning to trust in the all of the unknown opportunities for growth that await us on our Homeschooling journey.

Love, CC