Do You Even Know The Difference Between Humus and Baba Ganoush?!

by Leila Dayne

I’ve always been supportive of equal rights. To me, it’s just common sense. A part of me truly can’t believe that in this day and age we’re even having debates over something this silly. Everyone has rights. Be who you want to be, love who you want to love, marry whomever you would like to marry. I feel like years down the road we’re going to look back in embarrassment on these times like we do now with segregation. I mean, seriously people. Let’s just get along and support each other. I’m sure there are way better things we could be picketing and complaining about.

This has been one of my favourite videos for awhile now, I kind of can’t believe I haven’t posted it already honestly. It’s short, funny and makes a great point. I can’t get enough of it!! Enjoy!!

Happy Friday!!

All My Love,