Cuteness Overload

by Leila Dayne

Sooo today was I was working a little email popped up in my inbox. It was sent over by another kick ass single mom friend of mine. Anytime we find cool stuff online we like to share it. Funny emails, pics, videos…you name it. And I the videos she sent me today were too cute not to share!! Enjoy!!

“Was he a robber or what!?!?”

“I’m the sheriff…My sword is a punching sword”

“Too late because I got the last car”

“What if both of them fall off at the same time?!?”

“Lots of people know about it, that’s why we shouldn’t do it!” <—hipster kid in the making, right there!

“We don’t have hot dogs here”

So stinkin’ adorable!! Anyway, enjoy your Sunday!!

All My Love,