My obsession with TEDTalks…

by Leila Dayne

No no I’m not talking about the movie with the talking teddy bear, tho I am a fan…I’m talking about the YouTube channel that uploads a new video EACH DAY of one of their speakers from the TED Conferences. If you are unfamiliar with TED, I highly suggest doing some research into it. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out as a conference bringing together the best and the brightest in the worlds of Technology, Entertainment and Design but has grown to become so much more. (For more information you can pop over HERE and read up on it.)

It’s one of my main bookmarked sites and I try to get over there to watch the videos as often as possible, but I still have a lot of catching up to do. But if you have a few minutes a day, whether it’s while you’re eating lunch at your desk, riding the subway home from work, or even just choosing to replace one standard television show a night with a couple of these I think it will most definitely be worth your time. They have video’s ranging from small dancing robots to making tiny tweaks in life that could affect your whole life.

Which is the one I wanted to share today. Amy Cuddy gives a great talk and presentation on how your body language can shape who  you are. Not just how you look but also how your brain functions. How you can not just fake it until you make it, but fake it until you become it. She shows you that by making small changes for as little as TWO MINUTES a day you can change your entire outlook on life. As someone who always strives to do more and be better but is still plagued with always feeling like I don’t fit in or belong (ie-being the youngest parent at my son’s school and also one of the very very few single ones) this was one that really struck a chord with me. Hopefully you can find twenty minutes in your day to watch this video…and some others too…because it might just change your life.

You can pop over to the TEDtalks YouTube page HERE to find more videos from the TED conferences.

All My Love,