Oh…sorry…my geek is showing…

by Leila Dayne

Growing up having glasses, being too interested in school/reading/math/etc, dressing differently and having different interests than the masses was considered geeky. And at the time that was def not chic. I was always a closet geek. I’ve always had an intense love for reading, and read everything I can get my hands on. On the surface I was the outgoing, social, dancer but behind closed doors you could always find me curled up with my glasses and a book. Or studying music composition. Or working out in the garage with my dad on projects learning about electrical wiring or other things. As I got older and cared less about what people thought and perceived, I embraced my inner geek. Thankfully times are changing and being intelligent is finally becoming an acknowledged quality. I’m so happy for my brother and his ability to embrace and share his geekiness with his friends without feeling like he will be shunned or considered an outcast.

ANYWAYS, the reason I though about all of this is because someone was commenting the other day on how I’m one of the only females they know who not only knows what the TED conferences are, but consistently watch them, as well as a handful of other PBS specials and what not. I stumbled upon this special on 3-D printing the other day on PBS. It’s truly incredible to me, the way the world can be changed by this invention and the subsequent products that can come from it! :] I can’t wait to see where it goes in the future!!


Happy Friday!!

All My Love,