Turn that Frown…Upside Down!!

by Leila Dayne

Yes, worlds cheesiest blog title…I KNOOOOOOW!!! BUT it just seemed too fitting. (Plus once it was in my head, I couldn’t get it out let alone think of anything better!!)

I’ve been hooked on the song San Francisco by The Mowgli’s. It’s so upbeat and cheery that I can’t help but to be put in a better mood. And then last night I discovered the video. 😀 It makes my heart want to burst at the seams it makes me so freakin’ happy!! I’m not sure it’s possible to be down when watching this. (It may be partly due to the fact that I kind of want my daily life to have a perpetual soundtrack and cool drawn animations all around me…just maybe. Gah!! Please Please! How I want that in life!!!)

Check the video out

I also love this Churchill song Change. Plus the video is pretty funny. I’m pretty tough on my artists. Yes, you may be able to record a great song in studio, but what about live performances? Do you have REAL taken or processed talent? I do my research (YouTube and Soundcloud research peeps!!) And Churchill definitely passes the talent test. Here’s their (old) video for Change. (They have a newer one they did about a month ago, since the song is just catching on. But I like the old video better.) And below that I’ve put a video of them doing a live performance in at a radio station.

I also had something SUPER dope happen today, but I’m going to save that to share with you all on Monday!! (If you follow my Twitter, you may have already seen it!)

Hope your Saturday is super flippin’ awesome!!

All My Love,