by Leila Dayne

A funny thing happened this weekend.

A package showed up at my place of residence.

A strange happening, considering it’s only my temporary residence and I rarely even receive mail here let alone anything else.

But then I remembered something that happened a couple days before.

I was eating a late lunch after getting wrapped up in work all day, oblivious to the world…and mostly food.

I shot out a simple tweet and was surprised at a reply I had from an unsuspected follower when I checked my phone hours later.


(I just took the screenshot because this is all still very amusing to me!!)

After looking at the account to check that it wasn’t a spam/phishing account, I DM’d them my address. I figured, what the hell, maybe a little snack size bag will show up. Worse case they’ll just send me a bunch of junk mail and maybe some coupons.

So you can bet I was surprised on Saturday when a large box appeared.

image (2)

It was very obvious who it was from…with Pretzel Crisps being written on the box.

But imagine my surprise when I opened it to find 2 FULL SIZE bags of each different flavour of Pretzel Crisps!!

image (3)

Original, Garlic Parmesan, Jalapeno Jack, Chipotle Cheddar, Everything, Sesame and Buffalo Wing.

That alone made it an awesome care package…but I had yet to discover the best part.

As I was going through it I found a note. Expecting a standard little letter, it brought a true smile to my face to discover a handwritten note. I mean, seriously, how nice is that?!? And what fantastic marketing!! I couldn’t tweet, facebook, instagram, vine, etc enough about how thrilled I was over this package.

Whether this is their overall marketing strategy or just a random act of kindness, I am truly grateful for it!! And Tiny Human thinks it’s pretty rad too!!

image (1)

So thank you again to Pretzel Crisps for the delicious snacks but mostly for giving me the highlight of my weekend!! :]

Good night and Happy Monday!!

All My Love,