Style Icons

by Leila Dayne

There’s many people I look up to in life, especially when it comes to style but I can think of none that have been more influential than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

For as long as I can remember, they’ve been present in my life. From watching them as youngsters on Full House to following their clothing line The Row, they’ve secured a place in my life. I love that their style seems effortless and also doesn’t resort to constantly being over sexual or revealing.

Beyond just loving their style I like that they’ve managed to keep themselves together unlike many other “child stars” and are constantly working hard at whatever project they are focused on. I think a lot of other Hollywood ladies could learn a lot from the work ethic of these two.

(This is where I would typically upload some pics, which I may come back and do, but for the moment my laptop is out of commission so I’m posting this from my iPad which for some reason doesn’t allow me to. Sad face.)

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

All My Love,