Free Hugs

by Leila Dayne

In this day in age when our lives are crazy, hectic and over all stressful I think we are all looking for something to make it just a little bit easier.

We all know hugs are great. But did you know they can actually be beneficial to your health?

Researchers at the Medical University of Vienna pointed out that hugging someone can ease stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and even boost memory.

While the association between hugging and your health isn’t new, I think we sometimes forget just how helpful such a small gesture can truly be.

It all comes down to the hormone Oxytocin.

Oxytocin happens to be my favourite molecule. (Who has a favorite molecule?!?! You ask. That would be ME. THIS GIRL!!)


It does so many wonderful things. It’s like our bodies built in love potion, it can help with bonding between parents and new children, it can induce feelings of optimism, increase self-esteem, and build trust which can help ease social anxieties, it can help heal wounds and relieve pain, it helps with weight lose, is an easily found and proven successful antidepressant, and increases people generosity.

In one study, the stress-reducing effects of a brief hug in the morning carried throughout a tough work day.

So spread those arms and hug it out!!

Don’t have someone close? Well do what these people did and give out hugs to everyone for free!!

All My Love,