Ghost Hunting

by Leila Dayne

Today was interesting.

I agreed to help out a photographer friend scout some locations.

I am THE FARTHEST thing from a model. Seriously, people think it’s easy and all fun and games, but it’s not. I have plenty of model and photographer friends and it is def NOT my realm. I cannot do the serious model thing. I just look bored, lost, scared, confused and dumb… all at the same time. (Maybe it takes TRUE talent to pull off all of those off at once!)

The only successful photo shoot I’ve ever had, was when I truly NEEDED photos so we turned the whole shoot into a joke based off a white trash bash/Pabst Blue Ribbon party. It was super fun and the photos actually turned out okay. (Honestly, I think PBR ripped off one of our photo idea’s for their ad campaign. Or great minds just think alike.)

I shy away from photo shoots like vampires avoid sunlight. (The real ones love’s, not those sparkly abominations!)

But wanting to be a good friend, I gave in to helping out. (Plus my parent’s paid a TON of money when I was younger, and thought I wanted to be a model, for me to take this modeling and posing classes. So I knew that even though I may not be able to do “model” faces, I could at least get the posing right, and that’s what she was really looking for.)

My friend has this abandoned property just on the other side of her backyard that is incredible. It was once a the Kenneth Smith golf factory. The city did an article on it in 2005. (read the story here)

It really is a hauntingly beautiful place.

As an avid fan of crime drama’s and horror movies, I was a little on edge the whole time.

We did find a dead body…luckily it was only a cat.

Unlucky for the cat I suppose.

At one point, we were exploring and a closet door slowly creaked open and then swung fully out slamming into the wall. Naturally we jumped to the conclusion that it was a ghost that just wanted to take some pictures with us.


All I could think about the whole time that we were there and I was in heels was, “Man, I hope a killer doesn’t come out and start chasing us because I am totally screwed!!”

Years of scary shows should have taught me better.

Luckily everything turned out great and it sounds like the pictures should be amazing!!

All My Love,