Work : Party

by Leila Dayne

I like everything I do to feel like a party.

Work included.

Considering I’m almost constantly working on one thing or another and I’m obsessed with music it would only be right to assume that I will always have some kick ass music bumping while I’m working.

I generally have Pandora playing because I like the constant surprise of what might play.

I’ve been bumping my 50 Cent station for nearly 4 days straight. (I have this identity crisis…but that’s an entirely different blog. One that I’ll get to later.)

Since I like the element of surprise with my music, it’s no wonder I love mixtapes and mashups. Two of my favs at the moment are by D.Veloped. And are appropriately named Work:Party and Work Party: 2 Weeks Notice. Both are available for free download with a simple like of his Facebook page, as well as some other little gems that are also on his soundcloud page. Which you can find linked above. :] (Plus since I love the show Workaholics, the subtle infusion of quips from it always makes me smile!)

I still can’t get enough of this mix Munchi did for BBC’s Diplo and Friends radio show. They ALWAYS have killer mixes, but knowing Munchi and being such a moombahton fan it makes it that much more dear to my heart. 

Happy Thirsty Thursday!!

All My Love,