Tomorrow…Moving Past Yesterday

by Leila Dayne

If you missed my Three Part story on Yesterday…feel free to check them out here, here and here.

But this post is not about Yesterdays.

It’s about Tomorrows.

Moving on from the terrible things that happen to us in life is never easy. They will hold us back and haunt us forever; if we allow them to.

I was weighed down by my guilt for a long time. I let years slip by as if I was the one who died that day. Feeling that everything that happened was my fault and that I could have prevented it from happening. I missed an incredible amount of school after everything happened and nearly didn’t graduate. Imagine, an entire lifetime of work could have been lost because of one experience. I was very lucky to have a couple of understanding teachers who worked double time with me to help me get caught up on everything.

For years I was haunted daily by what happened, and it took a lot of people and a lot of support over many years for me to be able to deal with everything.

It still affects me each year, especially on those two days, but it doesn’t control my life anymore. I do get sad and mourn, but I am not so entrenched in guilt that I cannot even function, as I was before. Paralyzed by my past. I try to focus on all the happy times we had together. Look back at the pictures and the notes and remember all the good days instead of that one fateful day.

No matter what has happened in our pasts, we cannot allow them to chain us there. For we will never truly be able to live and enjoy our present or our future if we are bound in those shackles.

Yes, this story is sad. Tragically tragically sad. But it was very freeing to be able to put it out into the world. Not just by telling some one a story but by really having to make myself relive it and assess it in a different light.

Don’t be afraid to let go of your past. If I can do it, any one can.

Find your Tomorrow.

All My Love,