The Robots Are Back

by Leila Dayne

I cannot explain my excitement over the new Daft Punk album.

Seriously, it’s scary how beyond excited I am!! I could do an entire post on my undying obsession with the robots!! (Lucky for you, I will!! Eventually!!)

And I’m clearly not alone, the internet has been buzzing ever since they surprised the world with a teaser commercial clip a couple weeks ago.

Pharrell talks about getting to collaborate with the robots:

“Where do you think they go from here, you think?” The commentator asks.

“UP!! It’s where they belong. We’re lucky they hang out on the planet. They could just get back on their spaceship that brought em here and go and leave us. But they’re gracious. They’re nice robots, they chose to stay.”

Get a little robotic this Monday morning :]

All My Love,