by Leila Dayne

It’s a overcast and rainy day, so I figure it’s a great day to compile another amazing blog on my rants and raves but for now, I only have some raves!


Okay, first thing…I can’t WAIT for Baz Luhrmann’s movie THE GREAT GATSBY to come out!! Seriously. I might need to see a doctor over my level of obsession I already have with it.

I saw the previews in 3-D the other day and OMG it looks fantastic!! Then today this little gem pops up. The YouTube video of The Great Gatsby Soundtrack Sampler.

Between this and the new Daft Punk album my summer soundtrack is looking phenomenally proper!!

I love SNL and Weekend Update with Seth Meyers is one of my favourite parts. This past weekends best line… “Reebok dropped Rick Ross as a spokesperson this week after he failed to show remorse for questionable lyrics that allude to date rape. Or maybe they just dropped him because someone finally realized they were using rick ross to sell athletic gear.” (Not sure if I’ve aired my disgust for this man on here yet, but don’t worry since this is only a Raves post I’ll save it for the next time I rant!!)

Summer is approaching which means it’s time to get bikini ready. I try to eat healthy and stay active all throughout the year, but always like to kick it up a notch in spring. Here’s some of my tips and tricks:

-I’m HOOKED on Thug Kitchen. (If you are on a work computer that monitors what you’re doing you may want to wait until you get home to check this out. Thoooo technically you prolly shouldn’t be reading my site on it either.) Thug Kitchen takes a direct as fuck approach to educating you on eating healthy and is damn funny at the same time. Gwyneth Paltrow is also a fan!!

-Another great site is Fucking Recipes.

-I’m a t.v. fanatic so I like to download the network apps on my iPad and catch up on my shows while I’m on the treadmill or the elliptical. It makes me feel better about the insane amount of television I watch.

-Kale. Seriously, how I am just getting hooked on this?!? I’ve been juicing with it for awhile but I have a new recipe where you sauté mushrooms in some oil with garlic then add in some torn kale and chicken or veggie broth and cook until the kale is wilted but still slightly firm.

– Jump rope. Yup, sometimes I like to take it old school and jump rope. Tiny Human and I even like to have competitions of who can have the longest streak without tripping.

Okay, now I’m sleepy…damn rain…so it’s time for a quick snack break and a nap and then maybe I’ll be ready for a blog of rants!!

All My Love,