by Leila Dayne

I have to make a confession…of guilt.

I am 100% guilty of being an emotional hot mess. It’s true.

I’ve always loved that I am very in tune with my emotions and that they’ve generally always been a positive thing in my life. But there are a few occasions where I have let them be the anchor that holds me back from progress.

I feel this is something we have all been guilty of at times. But like all treatments, I know that acknowledging the problem is the first step to working on conquering it.

Don’t get me wrong, emotions aren’t bad. But I know that the way in which I deal with mine in certain situations is completely askew. As I was sitting here thinking about all of this, I stumbled on something a friend had posted.

“To quote Eleanor Roosevelt, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” No one can make you feel anything.

Despite the vagaries of the English language, in which we often use phrases like “It made me feel “this” or “that”, no one and nothing has the power to “make” us feel anything. The downside to taking responsibility for your feelings is that you no longer get to blame colleagues, family, society, your partner, kids or anyone else for how you feel. But in exchange, you may never again put how you feel into the hands of others. You’re more in control of your emotional life.

Take 100% responsibility for your feelings. Stop holding others responsible for how you feel. You may be surprised when you notice that disagreements are resolved more easily. I am only posting this as a reminder for myself. Sometimes I need to remember I really do have control of my moods, my feelings and my actions.”

It was like a light clicked on above my head. She didn’t anything so worldly or profound that has never been said before, she simply stated something that we all inherently know but routinely forget.

I am guilty of allowing my emotions to completely overtake my life leading me to misinterpret situations that I may be in and then allowing them to escalate.

By reminding myself that I cannot control situations, only my reactions, I hope to work on not reacting so overly emotional to everything.

It’s only when we stop growing and learning, that we truly are dead.

Also, if your Monday hasn’t already made you smile, here’s this little video that might! ;]

All My Love,