Pep Talk

by Leila Dayne

We all have those days.

It’s a monday, the weather is gloomy, you’re going through a rough patch, etc. Even the brightest spirit can have their down days and it’s always great to have someone around to listen to you and give you a little pep talk. Whether it’s a friend, significant other, family, or anyone else…it’s nice to have those people around when you need them. I believe the best therapy is having someone around to pick you up and laugh with. And it’s generally free…might cost you a lunch or a bottle of wine.

But what happens if in your time of need there is no one around? Or out of contact?

I bring you Pep Talk from Kid President. It’s cheesy and has already made it’s rounds on the internet but it never fails to cheer me up and get me out of my funk. (It works almost as well as shopping!!) I keep the link bookmarked on my browser so that when I’m feeling glum I can pop over and instantly have a smile put on my face. Tiny Human loves it too!!

Pep Talk : Kid President

“Like that dude Journey said, ‘Don’t stop believing…’ Unless your dream is stupid…then you should get a better dream. I think that’s how it goes.”

And also, just for the hell of it, my absolute favourite part from the movie Uncle Buck

Fun Fact: I used this line approximately 8 trillion times during my childhood and my first two pets were “twin” goldfish names Miles and Maisy.


All My Love,