Sick Day

by Leila Dayne

I had a great blog post almost finished to put up today, but I will get to that a little later.

Today, Tiny Human is home sick from school. After getting some sleep, he was feeling better, so he wanted to help me curate some content for the post of videos I wanted to do today.

Screw some waiting!! Let’s get this show on the road!!

Some of Tiny Human and I’s favourite videos :

Two Chips : A Short Film by Adam Patch

Now You See Me – Movie Trailer (We CAN’T WAIT for this film to come out!!)

Metaphysical Milkshake – Rainn Wilson captures my idol Elon Musk (Plus he’s a billionaire that dresses up as Darth Vader at Burning Man, how cool is that?!?)

We know I love Kid President!! So, of course, we had to include him!! If it was up to Tiny we would be posting every Kid President video. And a bunch of MythBusters episodes!!


Enjoy your fantastic friday!!

All My Love,