Curse of The Left Leg

by Leila Dayne

My left leg is cursed.

I swear.

Technically, I think my whole body is cursed with the weird random ailments I’m always stricken with. I’m very healthy and rarely get the flu or anything else but I always seem to be ailed with the most random things. It’s quite funny when you go to the Dr.’s telling them what I believe I have (after extensive medical Googling) and having them roll their eyes only to be speechless when they come back and I am correct. None the less.

Last year, during one of the any moves of my adventurous life, I manages to drop a VERY heavy 7 foot tall mirror on the top of my left foot. When it fell, it shattered and then I managed to fall/step onto it with the SAME left foot causing serious cuts and gashes all while falling to the ground.

I ended up with 50 stitches on the bottom and side of my foot and breaking 7 bones. The only upside to this whole fiasco was the fact that due to the stitches I couldn’t be put in a traditional cast. Since this was in June at the beginning of one of the hottest summers on record, I was truly thankful for this. I was put on bed rest until the stitches came out and then given crutches and a walking boot.

Now, if you haven’t learned enough about me yet, you should know that I don’t do boring or normal. So my walking boot became a “Super Boot”. Known all over the city for its beauty. Knowing full well I’d be in the boot for months I went ahead and purchased it. I then enlisted my close friend to help me, make it beautiful!!


Super Boot became a fabulous sequins and rhinestone encrusted affaire. I mean, if I was going to be handicapped, I may as well have something pretty to look at!!

Time went by and I healed up and the super boot was put away after I no longer needed to use it.

Until this weekend.

Unable to sleep, I was walking downstairs to the kitchen to grab a drink of water . Unknowing of the boxes that had been placed at the top. I like to think the subsequent tumble to the ceramic tile below was in any way beautiful and picturesque but knowing my clumsy self, I’m sure it was not.

After a long night of x-rays and poking and prodding it was revealed I was suffering from hairline fractures. Almost all of them in the area’s where the bones had been broken previously. After wrapping it up tightly and picking up my ‘scripts I was finally allowed to come home.

So Super Boot has come out in all it’s glory, once again. Truthfully it sucks, but it is what it is.

When life hands you obstacles, you just have to make the best of them. Or trip over them and then wear a bedazzled walking boot if you’re me!! 😉

All My Love,